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Eli Whitney School Alumni Association - Savannah, GA
Questionnaire for visitors
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Interested visitors to this site are invited to answer the questions, below, and mail responses to the web site coordinator, Charles Varner.  Please e-mail answers to Suggested "Subject" line is: Eli Whitney Questionnaire. 
(Where the submitter gives permission, answers will be documented on this site.)

1.  Are you a former student, faculty member or staff member at Eli Whitney Elementary School, Savannah, GA?
2.  If answer to question 1 is yes: Which were you, and what years were you there?
3.  Did you attend the May 24, 2003 reunion?
4.  Regardless, are you interested in attending a future reunion?
5.  Please provide any ideas or suggestions for the next reunion's format, location, etc.
6.  When (year and season) would you like to see the next reunion held?
7.  Would you be willing to serve on the Organizing Committee for the next reunion?
8.  Please tell of any special, fond memories you may have about the school.
9.  Do you mind if your responses to the questions above are placed on this web site for others to see?
10.  This information won't go on the site, but ...  If you're willing, please provide your name, address, and phone number. 
11.  Additionally, but not for the site:  If you know the names & locations of former students, etc. who you know or believe not to have been on the "list" for the recent reunion, please include them.
12.  Likewise, for inclusion on the attached list of known deceased former students ...  If you know the names of additional deceased former students, please include this information.

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